Test Results

February 2015

December 2015

http://www.navhda.us/Reports/ReportToPDF.aspx (All test results)

Upcoming Tests:


November 4th-5th 2017 


General Testing Information

Testing Fees
  • UT – $140
  • NA – $115

Make all checks payable to Tarheel Chapter of NAVHDA. Please send all payments and entry forms to the test secretary

Kyley Caldwell
553 Farrar Daiy Rd
Lillington, NC 27546


Entries withdrawn or cancelled by 2 months before the test will receive a refund of the test entry. After the 2 month period, no refunds will be made. If your dog is unable to complete the test because of medical condition or death, a written note from your veterinarian must be provided for a full refund.


Anderson Creek Inn
Approx 5 miles from test grounds

Hampton Inn Spring Lake
Approx 11 miles from test grounds

Home 2 Suites
Approx 20 miles from test grounds
**pet friendly**


We will have coffee and pastries each morning free of charge but we are asking for an $8.00 donation for the lunch that will be provided each day. We ask that each handler and dog be present at in the morning at the assigned time that will be sent out to all handlers prior to the test via email. There will be designated parking and dog run areas for you and dog/s. No dog/dogs will be allowed off lead or loose unless in designated testing areas during testing. Stake outs, crates and some kennel space can be used or provided if needed; fresh water and bowls will be readily accessible.

Please make sure that you check in the day that you are scheduled to test in order for the Testing Officials to validate the running order, issue test packets and promotional packets from Purina.

If any of you have any questions or concerns or any other special needs or requests please feel free to contact test-secretary@tarheelnavhda.com or Sara Allison prayhopelove@gmail.com

Volunteer Information

In addition to the testing information, volunteers will be needed to help with set-up on the day before and the day(s) of testing. Please note that everything for the test will have to be put in place and ready to present to the judges no later than 3:00 pm on the day before the test. Any volunteers that will be available to help will be greatly appreciated.

Volunteers are needed for the following positions:

  • Field Marshal
  • Judge Attendant
  • Bird Planters
  • Bird Cleaners
  • General Help
  • ATV/UTV Driver
  • Lunch/Food coordinator

We ask chapter members to bring water, Gatorade, desserts, and breakfast pastries/donuts. Also, if chapter members would like to bring their ATV/UTV for transportation of judges, handlers, and dogs it would be greatly appreciated.

A volunteer list will be available for members to sign at training day previous to a scheduled test, but if you are not able to attend and are willing to volunteer please contact Kyley Caldwell @ kyley.googins@gmail.com  or Stacy Horst- chapter secretary @ imsh1stacy@aol.com.